Alright, almost home, gonna be babysitting till 4 so. Dunno if you’ll hear from me before that or if i’ll get to play.


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Could you imagine tanning four characters though

Holy shit

All the other groups are too big or too small. And there’s already a white-haired pirate mayor floating around so that’d just be awkward.

knowing me i’ll come up with somehing. Well, shit, i need the actual second game anyway…

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Well there’s always the other group, i’d only have to deal with one needing tanning

But idk how a ragdoll and mushroom kids could possibly translate right

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I was about to say that i had a group of 4 ocs that i could easily use for a second acnl town

But then i realized i’d have to tan ALL OF THEM, and try to keep them at different tan intervals and ha ha ha ha ha ha nope

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I’m fine i’m just angry

Esp more angry because i can’t really be angry and get it out of my system ‘cause i don’t wanna risk making my heart beat too much so i have to stay calm till i get back home

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I think my mom saw me grabbing one of my heart pills at night to take in the morning and the past two nights she’s been hovering before i go to bed so i can’t grab it and forget to take it during the day so now i have chest pains

Thanks mom i’m probably gonna die because you won’t let me take my pills when i know i’ll remember

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btw if youre ever stressed there’s this website that plays the animal crossing music according to your time its really relaxing:

oh and if you prefer the original ac soundtrack:

and if you fancy wild world or city folk, here’s theirs:

I had no idea how much I needed something like this in my life until now

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my mom’s driving me up the wall, out the chimney, and out of the atmosphere

we don’t even have a fireplace

i haven’t painted in this much detail in so long

so clearly by the time i got to the roses i was like HA I”M DONE