ah frick

my internet farted

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ooops, mighta messed up

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ahhhh they’re all excited about Lupita being the most beautiful on People ahhhh screw it so am i

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so if you like to TT, i suggest doing it with your mayor and unlocking the topiaries beforehand, and so the day of, Leif will give your mayor a piece of the Flower Set like he does for your side characters!

i heard awhile back that you could repeatedly create new characters on Weeding Day, as well, till you got what you needed; i might do that and add a whole set to the giveaway! we’ll see. just got another Lily player rn so.

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why does it smell like tomato soup in my bathroom


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okay so so far i haven’t been able to get online on my DS, sorry ‘bout that


i figured out a thing. i’ll post about it in a little while when i get on to draw, and i should be able to get internet at that point too.

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When i get home, i’m gonna be doing some connectivity stuff, so if anyone wants to exchange friend codes, mine’s on my blog, just send me your’s n_n

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