alright, goodnight!

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An amazing set of gift illustrations as directed by one sweet, super talented blogger yookey for the always awesome rayquaza128. Their mayors’ villager forms are such a delight to work with and these two are particularly sublime together~ I hope you like them as well! It was brilliant being able to draw and paint so many adorable interactions. ^w^

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Les trois amis

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first time using SAI… I can’t wait to see what this program can do! It seems really complicated ;o;

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…ankha that was a month ago…almost two…

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alright, i’ll post some stuff and get off before i get all weird

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'cause i see people getting hurt

and i wanna do so much

but i sorta just do the bare minimum and comfort them and stuff

but i wanna do more, i wanna take the offensive, i wanna protect people and defend them

but i guess i care more about my own wellbeing than others…

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part of me always wants to beat up gross people, even verbally, but part of me knows i’m too damned chicken and afraid of the consequences :T

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TW: Rape, sexual harassment, abuse

If you’re involved with the Animal Crossing community on facebook at all, stay clear of WIlliam Zulu Barnes.

Do not talk to him, do not add him, and maybe stay clear of groups that he’s in (he’s in a LOT). He has messaged several underaged girls explicit messages and pictures of his genitalia, and quickly escalates to threatening messages when they ask him to stop. Do not allow a predator to be a part of your AC communities.

This is very important. There is also another male in his 20s harassing younger females on Instagram and befriending them to later reveal himself in this same manner. If you happen to come across these predators, men. Report, report, report!!! No need for men to ruin this Nintendo community the way they have are doing.

Also reblog to inform others.

Apologies for the villager trading interruption, but PLEASE be safe guys. Please signal boost this and stay safe.

Happy trading.