home again! gonna do some chores and possibly draw. idk. i’ll make my ‘off’ day for today instead of sunday, if i don’t.

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Hey fishies! Does anyone know for sure if the fish/bugs/seafood you catch on the Island count toward your gold Angler/Bug Catcher/Diver badges? ((the ones for catching lots of things, not the encyclopedia badges))

I wish there was a progress bar for the badges, like some other games have. I’d…

I do most of my bug catching on the islands with the beetles, and Phineas tends to give me medals when i get back, so by all logic yes the island itself counts! Counts towards your encyclopedias too.

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gimme a few months and i’ll be baking pumpkin pies every other week

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i’m not gonna say it.

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Modern Bed

Frame - Yellow Tone

Bedding - Clothing: Melon Gingham Tee

Cost to Customize - 232 Bells

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totorocrossing has a cutie mayor so I had to draw her!!! +goldie even though she messed up the color scheme B)

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Reese gijinka <3

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k, that’s it for now.

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went back to dingloids' town of Dingle! the properly updated version, heh.

i still think it’s SUPER pretty, hehe. i can’t wait to see where else it goes!

i was trying to figure out when baabara grew a few extra large lumps of wool

then i realized it was marshal

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